I Forever Do Can Be Engraved on Some Jewelry, Says DPS

October 13, 2005

'I Forever Do' Can Be Engraved on Some Jewelry, Says DPS

The Diamond Promotion Service, a division of JWT, is giving the diamond jewelry trade permission to engrave "I Forever Do" in diamond anniversary jewelry. The phrase can be marketed as a reminder of commitments made and can add a unique touch to help maximize these sales, the Diamond Information Center said in a press release.

Launched in January, the "I Forever Do" anniversary campaign is an attempt to reach the 56 million married couples in the U.S.. The selling occasion, points out DIC, is 365 days a year, with a potential market of 150,000 couples celebrating their anniversaries each day.

JWT is the trademark holder of the line "I Forever Do." DPS and JWT already granted the trade rights to use the line in the marketing of anniversary diamond jewelry. The line may only be used when promoting this kind of jewelry. JWT and DPS say they will protect their rights to the full extent of the law. They reserve the right to terminate any unauthorized or improper usage of the tagline.

For more information on the anniversary "I Forever Do" campaign, go to: www.dps.org.

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