JA Redesigns Site

November 29, 2005

JA Redesigns Site

Jewelers of America redesigned jewelers.org. The new streamlined version allows for easier navigation and ordering of JA products and services, says JA.

Information on JA's programs and initiatives can be found in four sections of the website: Professional Development, which includes certification, seminars, instore education, and other educational services; Business Building Tools, such as the Jewelry Accents credit card program and the Cost of Doing Business Survey; Promotional Resources, including the JA Tiara Program, community outreach seminars and JA branding materials; and Public Affairs, which contains information on JA's political action committee and resources for consumer confidence issues.

"With a cleaner design and straightforward navigation, our new website makes it easier to find news, information, and education," said JA President and CEO Matthew A. Runci. The website has a members-only section featuring professional guidance, publicity resources and an archive of JA publications. The redesigned website now allows each staff person at a JA member store to have their own individual login and password.

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