Jewelers Mutual Learns of Registered Mail Delay

January 25, 2006

Jewelers Mutual Learns of Registered Mail Delay

Delivery of registered mail is taking longer than usual for customers served by the United States Postal Service hub in New York City. The Chicago hub is experiencing a delay, although less severe. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., Neenah, WI, learned of the delay Jan. 20, following a meeting with USPS representatives.

Jewelers Mutual's premier status with the USPS provides the company access to additional information and access to investigate delayed or lost packages.

The delivery delay is due to an unusually heavy volume of registered mail packages in those two hubs. USPS is working to correct the situation. Elsewhere, registered mail is being delivered in five to seven days. Registered mail is handled separately from all other mail, logged electronically and manually at several steps in the process, making it a safe but labor-intensive service.

Express mail continues to be a viable option for those in the jewelry industry. Packages are delivered in one or two days to most locations. Customers can print labels from usps.govand hand the packages to their regular postal carriers, eliminating the need to transport packages to the post office and stand in line.

In 2005, Jewelers Mutual expanded its shipment coverage to include up to $25,000 coverage for express mail and $50,000 for registered mail, in addition to any insurance purchased from the USPS, for all of its Jewelers Block and Jewelers Standard policyholders. The coverage is available at no additional charge.

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