AGS Laboratories Releases Cut Grade Educational Guide

April 20, 2006

AGS Laboratories Releases Cut Grade Educational Guide

AGS Laboratories has designed a cut grade educational guide to help jewelry retail sales associates better understand the AGS Performance-based Cut Grading System, which incorporates a cut grade in all AGS certificates.

The guide, called "High-Performance Diamonds 101: Understanding the AGS Cut Grade," features an explanation of the categories that a cut grade covers — Light Performance and Proportion Factors and Finish — a glossary explaining language used in the cut grade section of certificates, and a centerfold detailed the components of the Diamond Quality™ document — AGS's diamond certificate.

"This guide is designed to help the retail sales associate have a better understanding of the AGS Performance-based Cut Grading System, which in turn can not only help them sell more diamonds, but they can also better aid the consumer in making a more informed buying decision," says Peter Yantzer, executive director of AGS Laboratories, in a release. "The beauty of the guide is that though we produced it with the sales associate in mind, it works for any member of the trade who needs an informational tool on the cut grade."

AGS launched its Performance-based Cut Grading System in 2005. The lab measures all facets of a diamond in three dimensions and inputs the measurements into a computer program that traces light rays traveling through a diamond. The ray-tracing program shows the quantity and quality of the light being returned to the viewer. In addition to proportion, polish, and symmetry, the lab also considers brightness, dispersion, leakage, contrast and weight ratio in assigning the final cut grade.

Jewelers can request a copy of the guide by emailing AGS Laboratories at

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