Robbins Diamonds Opens Superstore

June 1, 2006

Robbins Diamonds Opens Superstore

Family-owned Northeast jewelry chain Robbins Diamonds is aiming to create a shopping experience for consumers with the opening of an extravagant, 5,600-square-foot superstore in Allentown, Pa.

Comparing the store to a Borders bookstore, Robbins included a water wall, an "origami" art installation and computerized LED lighting that "evokes the constantly shifting light and facets of a diamond" in the store, according to a release. The superstore also includes a complimentary espresso bar, a children's lounge area with TV and toys, and a complimentary computer kiosk with high-speed Internet access.

The store also features 45 showcases featuring designer collections of bridal jewelry and sit-down counters for fashion diamond jewelry.

"This new store offers us opportunities to expand in ways that we've not done before, and to explore new creative elements," says CEO Jerry Robbins in the release.

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