AGS Laboratories Announces the Release of Emerald Cut Grade

June 22, 2006

AGS Laboratories Announces the Release of Emerald Cut Grade

The American Gem Society Laboratories will begin issuing certificates that include cut grades for emerald-cut diamonds beginning in the next few months, the laboratory announced this week.

Marking the first time that a lab will issue cut grades for emerald-cut stones, AGS plans to issue its Diamond Quality Document, its trademarked version of a certificate, for square emerald cuts, rectangular emerald cuts and an octagon step cut.

"The emerald cut is very popular with consumers," says Peter Yantzer, executive director of AGS Laboratories, in a release. "We're excited that this is the next fancy shape cut grade that we are offering, and believe it will increase sales at the counter."

Until now, AGS's Performance-based Cut Grading System has allowed the lab to issue certificates for round brilliant and princess cuts. The system measures all facets of the diamond in three dimensions to grade stones on "performance" rather than proportion. The lab considers brightness, dispersion, leakage, contrast, and weight ratio, in addition to proportion, symmetry, and polish, when assigning a final cut grade.

"Consumers will reap the biggest benefit from the addition of the emerald shape to the AGS cut-grade system," says Ruth Batson, CEO of the American Gem Society, in a release. "The entire AGS grading system is designed for the protection of the diamond-buying public, which continues to be at the heart of the AGS mission."

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