JSA Issues Warning for Reps in Missouri

July 18, 2006

JSA Issues Warning for Reps in Missouri

Jewelers Security Alliance has issued a special alert to industry members working in the state of Missouri.

According to JSA, in the past several months there have been six attacks on traveling salespeople in the St. Louis area, Kansas City and Liberty, Mo. The attacks were allegedly carried out by South American gang members who target jewelry representatives.

JSA warns that salespeople traveling in Missouri should be especially careful when visiting retail jewelry stores, driving around areas to check for suspicious activity or people before making their calls. JSA also recommends that retail jewelers in the area should escort salespeople to their cars and watch to make sure representatives are not being followed when they leave the store. Professionals are also advised to use evasive driving techniques, such as slowing down and speeding up, making U-turns or driving around the block, to make sure they are not being followed.

Jewelry representatives planning to visit the St. Louis area may call Detective Mike Reiter of the Intelligence Unit of the St. Louis Police Department at 314.615.4692 for more information.

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