Jewelers Mutual to Offer Free ID Theft Service

August 1, 2006

Jewelers Mutual to Offer Free ID Theft Service

Jewelers Mutual Insurance will offer a free identity theft service for commercial policyholders in the United States and Canada who are owners, officers or principals of their jewelry businesses, the company announced this week.

Available through a partnership with Identity Theft 911, a leading provider of identity theft resolution and education, Identity Theft Restoration Services will help policyholders restore their identity and credit in the event they become victims of identity theft. The service also will help rebuild their original means of identification if they are impacted by a natural disaster, regardless of whether or not an identity theft occurred. Policyholders may also extend the service to their immediate family members.

"Without professional assistance, identity theft victims can spend more than 20 work days trying to recover from this crime," says Jeff Mills, vice president of commercial lines operations for Jewelers Mutual. "By using our Identity Theft Restoration Services, customers can spend less than two hours."

If policyholders become victims of identity theft, they can call Jewelers Mutual's Claim Department and will be connected to a representative from Identity Theft 911. The service helps them with credit restoration, including notification to credit bureaus and creditors, preparation of documentation and filing police reports, and more.

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