JCOC AutoPilot Helps Jewelers with Market Research

August 29, 2006

JCOC AutoPilot Helps Jewelers with Market Research

MVI Marketing has introduced JCOC AutoPilot, an online service that helps jewelry designers, manufacturers and retail jewelers conduct self-service consumer market research.

Industry members can test products and marketing collateral such as logos, ads and brand initiatives with Using consumer panelists who are members of the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council (JCOC). Jewelers can set up surveys easily using pre-defined Web templates and pre-defined questions. The service costs $249 for a single question, with demographic add-on questions, additional analysis filters and single cross tabulations costing $99 apiece. MVI Marketing is also offering a three-day free trial to registered users on the JCOC Web site.

The service is available at www.jcoc.info.

"he cost of doing business has skyrocketed to such a level that to have the ability to pre-test what styles the consumers would buy and marketing they'd respond to can be a huge savings of time and money," says Elizabeth Chatelain, president of MVI Marketing, "With JCOC AutoPilot, you can test the pulse of the jewelry consumer from your own desktop. Simply input your information into JCOC AutoPilot's templates to create targeted market research studies fast."

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