WDC Launches Diamond Campaign

September 6, 2006

WDC Launches Diamond Campaign

The World Diamond Council launched a print and online advertising campaign today to address any negative press potentially generated from the release of the upcoming movie The Blood Diamond as well as a popular rap song, "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" by Kanye West, about the same topic.

The ads will appear in 10 major magazines and cost millions of dollars, the WDC says. The WDC also launched a Web site, www.diamondfacts.org, which include facts about how the diamond industry has helped the communities and countries in which diamonds are mined and including resources for media and industry members. The Industry Members section includes downloads of the "Conflict Diamonds Confident Pack" for educating customers, training guides for employees, posters and more.

WDC Eli Izhakoff says the campaign is meant to educate consumers that the situation has change in African countries since the 1990s when blood diamonds were prevalent, and to assure shoppers of the diamond industry's stringent processes for wiping out the diamonds, which were smuggled and traded illegally to fund blood civil wars.

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