Michael Stadther Invites Readers to Join Treasure Hunt for Rings Worth US$2 Million

September 27, 2006

Michael Stadther Invites Readers to Join Treasure Hunt for Rings Worth US$2 Million

NEW CANAAN, Conn.‹With the international release yesterday of the fantasy adventure book Secrets of the Alchemist Dar, written and illustrated by Michael Stadther, the public will have the chance to join in a worldwide treasure hunt for jeweled rings worth more than US$2 million. This sequel to The New York Times bestselling book A Treasure¹s Trove was simultaneously released on four continents with a treasure hunt twice as big as the one inspired by the original: it will be the largest public treasure hunt in history.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, who solves the clues concealed in the book¹s pages and meets all of the requirements in the Official Rules of Secrets of the Alchemist Dar, can get one of 100 rings designed by jeweler Aaron Basha.

Secrets of the Alchemist Dar is set in an enchanted world with Dark and Good Fairies, spells and eclipses, fortune and hidden treasures. The story features the evil Alchemist Dar who wants his Dark Fairies to live forever; to accomplish this, he must steal the Good Fairies' Rings of Eternal Life. Using the mysterious Book of Dark Spells, Dar attempts to kill the Good Fairies and capture the rings.

Stadther worked with Basha to create a custom-designed collection of 100 jeweled rings valued together at more than US$2 million. The 100 Fairy Rings of Eternal Life contain rare, natural colored diamonds and include:
€ 1 extremely rare Red Diamond Fairy Ring worth US$1 million
€ 3 Blue Diamond Fairy Rings worth US$120,000 each
€ 4 Yellow Diamond Fairy Rings worth US$50,000 each
€ 5 Pink Diamond Fairy Rings worth US$20,000 each
€ 87 Yellow Diamond Ladybug Rings worth $5,500 each

The collection was appraised by Don Palmieri, G.G., ASA, Master Gemologist Appraiser. Palmieri is a jewelry appraiser, forensic expert, consultant and broker, and president of the Gemological Appraisal Association, Inc.

Five new children¹s activity and coloring books also are available to coincide with the release of Secrets of the Alchemist Dar. Each contains an age-appropriate hidden puzzle that will direct children to a clue in the book. Titles include:

€ Doths in Danger
€ Pook's Tale
€ What Booger Knows
€ Wings and Rings
€ Zac¹s Forest Friends

Secrets of the Alchemist Dar is available at retailers and online booksellers everywhere. For more information, visit www.alchemistdar.com.

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