GSI Opens Lab in India

October 1, 2006

GSI Opens Lab in India

NEW YORK ≠ Gemological Science International, headquartered in New York's Diamond District, announced today that it has opened an office in Mumbai, India. The lab is fully owned by GSI and is located in the Opera House area.

"We've been working in Mumbai for the past three months, learning about the market and determining the best location to open our lab," said Mark Gershburg, president/CEO of GSI. "In addition to the Opera House lab, we also have the capability of going right to our jewelry manufacturing clients in SEEPZ and anywhere else through our MobilabĀ. This mobility gives us incredible flexibility to serve the industry, when and where they need it. It also saves a lot of time," added Gershburg. SEEPZ is the duty-free area in Mumbai, where jewelry for export is manufactured.

"We bring to Mumbai the same high level of customer service and technological expertise as we have in New York," said Gershburg. This includes the flexibility of being able to print grading reports either in India or New Yorkčno matter where grading is donečand the ability to Gemex diamonds and print joint GSI/Gemex reports. Equipment for GSI Mumbai came from the U.S. and from India.

At this stage GSI Mumbai is staffed with a senior gemologist from GSI's New York office and local graders with GGs who have had experience serving the American market. "We have full control of the lab in Mumbai because all the work is channeled through and monitored by our staff in New York via our proprietary software," said Gershburg. "This ensures that all requirements for a client's particular program are fulfilled."

The new GSI lab, which is open for business, is located in the Platinum Arcade, Ground Floor, 96/93, J.S.S. Road, Opera House, Mumbai 400004. For more information contact Debbie Azar, Executive VP, in New York City at 212-207-4140, ext. 202, or e-mail

GSI markets its grading services mainly to large manufacturers, major jewelry chains, department stores, and online jewelers. It is headquartered at 581 Fifth Avenue, Fourth Floor, New York, NY 10017.

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