Unity Marketing to Study $62.6 Billion Watch and Jewelry Market

October 11, 2006

Unity Marketing to Study $62.6 Billion Watch and Jewelry Market

Stevens, PA - Through the first half of 2006, the watch and jewelry market has been on a tear. The government's Bureau of Economic Analysis predicts consumer sales of jewelry and watches to top out at $62.6 billion by year's end, a 6.3 percent increase over the previous year.

Jewelry stores also are reporting strong sales through the first half of 2006, with jewelry retailers' sales growing 8.3 percent over 2005 mid-year results to reach $14.7 billion from January to June 2006.

However, the sales results of two of the nation's leading retail jewelers‹Zale Corporation (brands including Zales, Gordon's, and Bailey, Banks & Biddle) and Sterling Jewelers (brands such as Kay Jewelers and Jareds)‹haven't kept pace with consumers' growing desire for jewelry.

To better understand consumers' wants and needs, Unity Marketing will undertake a major new research study of jewelry and watch consumers to understand what jewelry and watch products they buy, how much they pay for the different types of products, where they shop, and the factors that influence them to buy.

This research initiative will focus specifically on the needs, desires, passions of jewelry and watch consumers. Sponsors are needed to support this research effort. Those who will benefit most by sponsoring this study include jewelry and watch companies, jewelry retailers (including internet and direct marketers), and advertising and branding companies.

Research sponsors will get an early read on the results of the major findings and insider information only available to sponsors. They will participate in learning what drives the jewelry buyer, and discover new ways to tap into consumers' passion for jewelry and watches.

The study will include research data and statistics on:
* Jewelry Market Size and Growth
* Demographics of the Jewelry and Watch Market
* Buying Behavior of Jewelry and Watch Shoppers and Their Brand Preferences
* Psychographic Profile and Segmentation of the Jewelry and Watch Markets

Research methodologies will include:
* focus groups in which recent purchasers of jewelry and watches will talk about their purchases, product and price preferences, and shopping experiences, as well as product and retail brand preferences; and *a quantitative survey of 1,000 jewelry and watch consumers to discover their buying behavior and spending patterns and to validate hypotheses drawn from focus groups.

Two levels of research sponsorships are available: Basic and Advanced. Basic research sponsors will participate only in the quantitative research portion of the study. Advanced research sponsors will participate in both focus groups and quantitative research survey.

In addition, they will participate in two webcast presentations of the major findings following each phase of the research study. They also will review the draft survey questionnaire, making suggestions and recommendations. Topline results or cross-tabs will be delivered immediately after the survey is conducted, including answers to all survey questions. The final in-depth Jewelry and Watch Consumer Insights Report 2007 will include all major findings from focus groups, quantitative study, and psychographic personality analysis.

All sponsors will receive a copy of Unity Marketing's latest Jewelry Report Update 2006. The new study will update this report.

Unity plans to conduct the research and publish the final report during first half of 2007. Sponsorship fees may vary depending upon the total number of research sponsors.

To learn more about the study, complete the request form at http://www.unitymarketingonline.com/reports2/jewelry/jewelry_insights_06.html; call Pam Danziger at 717-336-1600; or e-mail pam@unitymarketingonline.com

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