GIA to Begin Grading Synthetic Diamonds

October 12, 2006

GIA to Begin Grading Synthetic Diamonds

CARLSBAD, Calif. - The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has said it will begin accepting synthetic diamonds for grading beginning January 1, 2007.

Tom Moses, GIA's senior vice president and head of the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory, explained the organization's decision: "Over the past several weeks, GIA's management team held a number of meetings with a wide variety of stakeholders. We listened carefully and with an open mind, as we promised to do, while never losing sight of GIA's core commitment to ensure and enhance the public's trust in gems and jewelry."

According to acting GIA president Donna Baker, "The final synthetic diamond grading report has now been accepted by stakeholders on all sides of this issue, and is totally consistent with GIA's high standards of science, public service, education and professionalism."

GIA snnounced its intention to begin grading synthetic diamonds during the 32nd World Diamond Congress in June 2006. Since then, GIA has reportedly met with a range of industry representatives to discuss the issue, although the meetings have been held behind closed doors. The organization did promise to address industry concerns about the nomenclature used on the synthetic grading reports, although in its statement in the GIA Insider newsletter it revealed no specifics about nomenclature.
- from the Antwerp Facets News Service (AFNS)

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